Kyrie Irving has declined to sign an agreement expansion with Boston Celtics this off season and theory is overflowing he could withdraw in 2019.

Irving has already clarified why he won't open an augmentation with the Celtics.

"Authoritatively, financially, [an extension] simply doesn't make sense for me" Irving said.

"I think you folks can feel my demeanor is extremely only reclamation one year from now."


Kyrie Irving will be 27 when next season tips off and still apparently in his physical prime. Be that as it may, he's played 60 recreations or less in four of his seven NBA seasons. He additionally missed a large portion of his solitary season at Duke because of damage. In this way, while Irving is without a doubt an extraordinary scorer whose ability was painfully missed by the Cavs in the NBA Finals (on the off chance that he would have been sound, in any case), it's a genuine hazard to submit a maximum contract to him for a long time when you can't rely on his sturdiness.


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