The first minutes of the game, started with a lot of balance, the teams started with a lot of motivation and the score was extremely balanced, France would take a slight advantage but the United States would intensify its defense and pass up on the scoreboard, the defense between both teams would raise their level, finishes the first quarter level.

We were faced with a game where generally very good defense was applied, the game kept a close margin and only separated both France and the United States by a possession, France took some advantage through an excellent selection of shot, which would increase its percentage of field, France exploited the painting through Gobert, ends the first half winning France over the United States 45-39.

Second Half

By the beginning of the second half, France would take an impulse in its offensive and would establish a 10-digit advantage with 7 minutes to finish the 3rd period, the United States would react through Mitchell who was the engine of the American team, reduce the advantage to 1 possession, the defensive patience of the United States paid off and won the quarter partial and would go up on the scoreboard by 3 digits.

The United States would gain momentum and increase the advantage in the first minutes of the 4th period, France would react and equal the score with 4 minutes to finish the match, the French team would take advantage with a partial of 9 digits in this quarter, the defensive level of France through Gobert was excellent, with 16 seconds to play France won the game by 6 digits, ends the match with great victory of France eliminating the United States from the tournament 89 - 79.

Details and Personal Analysis

I think that this result with the elimination of the United States before reaching the semifinals, is very serious for basketball in the United States which is and has been a successful program that is used to winning, the game began in a very balanced way as expected and the teams on their part each did their basketball and adapted their strategies, the first quarter would end equal. In the second quarter would appear a very important factor in the game which was the defense that would be determinant to achieve victory for the team that best applied it, Gobert was being the key factor for France in the painted area being an authentic bastion in the French defense, would finish the first half with France winning by 10 digits.

In the second half the reaction of the United States would be important and they would increase their offensive level through Donovan Mitchell who was being the offensive face of Team USA in this encounter, in this period the United States would take advantage in the scoreboard and France had to readjust its game approach, Team USA won the partial of the period and took the leadership of the encounter. In the last and decisive period would be very interesting, France would return to one of the factors that had resulted in the game and was the attack with Rudy Gobert who had a genuine impact determinant in the area of offensive and defensive painting, in addition France would mark an overwhelming partial of 26 - 13 in this quarter over the United States, Evan Fournier was the leader of the offensive France also with a great offensive performance and Nando de Colo who also joined the French contribution, with few minutes to finish the match France had dominated the scoreboard and the United States was looking for the impossible formula to return but it was late, France defeated the United States and the face of the American players was of absolute disbelief to be defeated by the French team, the victory of the Gauls marks the end and the beginning of a new era of victories and defeat for a team from the United States that aroused many doubts and that today was evident that he had his days counted in the tournament.

I think that the U.S. technical team with Popovich as leader is one of the best, but the United States has good NBA players with a lot of potential who are not yet ready to win a gold medal in international basketball, perhaps with 3 or 4 more years of NBA experience and some international tournaments another would have been the story, But France is one of the great teams FIBA, who several of their players also belong to the NBA and has a lot of friction in this type of tournaments, otherwise it happened with this new Team USA that many of its players had not faced this type of competition and I think that this influenced the defeat of Team USA and the great triumph of France.

Best Performances


Evan Fournier 22 Pts. 3 Reb. 4 Ast.

Rudy Gobert 21 Pts. 16 Reb. 2 Ast.

Nando De Colo 18 Pts. 2 Reb. 1 Ast.

United States

Donovan Mitchell 29 Pts. 6 Reb. 4 Ast.

Marcus Smart 11 Pts. 2 Ast.

Kemba Walker 10 Pts. 3

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