The game began with a lot of energy on the part of both squads, there was exchange of baskets, the United States took a slight advantage by good attacks on the basket, but Brazil remained close on the scoreboard and did not let the United States move away and kept the scoreboard closed, ends the first quarter winning the United States by 3 digits.

In the first minutes of the second period the game continued with the same dynamics but a controversial decision of the referees made angry the Croatian coach of Brazil and was expelled by the referees, the approach of Brazil was doing very consistent and would equal the score of the encounter, United States would increase its defensive level and around it would initiate the offensive counterattack and would take advantage in the score, finishes the first half 43 - 39 up United States.

Second Half

Brazil closely followed the United States by 2 possessions, but the North American team would increase its level of offensive attack and in turn the defense and would take advantage in the scoreboard, Brazil lowered its percentage of field shots, ended the fourth winning United States by 11 digits of advantage.

The United States would continue to increase its offensive level exponentially and Brazil would clearly lower its defense by exposing the vital areas where the U.S. squad would detect weakness and take advantage of more than 20 Pts. With 4 minutes to finish the game, Brazil was out of time, ending the game by winning the United States over Brazil 89 - 73.

Details and Personal Analysis

This game was vital for Brazil because it gave them options to qualify for the quarterfinals and a pass to the Olympics, but for that I had to win, the start of the game began very balanced efforts had part and part and the scoreboard was extremely closed, Brazil began with a good approach to play according to the aspirations and motivations it had to win, but the United States also used its energy and won by little margin the first period. For the second quarter the tendency was maintained in spite of the expulsion of the main coach of Brazil by the referees, this could influence the state of mind of the cariocas players, although Brazil continued concentrated making a good game to the United States to whom they were costing to deploy their offensive, ends up winning the partial of the second quarter the North American team by 1 digit.

With the entry of the second half the offensive and defensive level of the United States would increase in an evident way and it was difficult for Brazil to make its game flow in the same way as in the first half, in addition the Carioca team began to show defensive weakness in certain areas, an opportunity that the United States took advantage of very well and began to attack those areas with more impetus, would finish the 3rd period with Team USA winning the quarter partial by 7 digits and leading the encounter. The last quarter was basically almost a copy of the 3rd quarter and the United States raised its offensive level, Brazil showed tiredness and no longer defended as it had done in the first half, the game began to mark an attenuated trend and the United States dominated, it was only a matter of time, would end the game with the United States getting the victory over Brazil, the North American squad advanced and Brazil ran out of the quota to the Olympics having to go to the Olympic playoffs.

Best Performances

United States

Kemba Walker 16 Pts. 1 Reb. 5 Ast.

Myles Turner 16 Pts. 8 Reb.

Jaylen Brown 11 Pts. 4 Reb. 4 Ast.


Vitor Benite 21 Pts. 4 Reb. 1 Ast.

Leandrinho Barbosa 14 Pts. 1 Reb. 1 Ast.

Anderson Varejao 14 Pts. 8 Reb. 3 Ast.

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