In Venezuela a certain part of the population lives and breathes basketball, of course the most popular sport in the country is baseball, being one of the countries that brings more players to the Major Leagues of the United States, but basketball in our country is special, there are analysts and connoisseurs of this discipline that we have always been faithful to the cause of basketball for a long time and we have enjoyed the good and bad of a selection that has been able to break with adversity and has demonstrated its category of champion in the high international competitions of our continent to reach fair maximums in our continent.


On Sunday Venezuela by a result in the scoreboard of another match, our country obtained the classification in advance to the world-wide one of China 2019, but the national selection had to play Monday Vs Virgin Islands in the encounter that ended the year, in the same way Venezuela had to win that encounter, no longer to qualify because it had achieved it, but to establish its hierarchy, The game in the personal and for many connoisseurs was the worst game in Venezuela so far qualifying tournament and even so you could get the victory by the heart of competition that has the team, the percentages of shooting for the national team were very low and the fluidity of the game was not the best, but one last play extremely incredible gives the triumph to the team and so that you my readers realize what I speak here I leave the video of the play:


The investment that is made in Venezuela in disciplines such as baseball and soccer are greater than those made in basketball, but it turns out that the sport as a whole that has been more solid and the one that has had more projection and obtained more victories at international level has been basketball, I think it is time to put your eyes and mind on basketball in Venezuela, build and build centers in the communities of the country to develop from the junior categories basketball players, where there are teachers of the discipline and where young people are also required to perform well in school to participate in these centers, because there must be a balance between sport and studies.

I remember that when the Venezuelan national team became champion in the FIBA Americas in 2015, there were many promises from the government that they would even build a basketball center in the community of each of the players that the national team had represented in that championship, but everything remained in promises and nothing of what was said was ever executed.

For projects to move forward, there must be responsibility and commitment, so it is always important to surround yourself with authentic people who can bring the best of each.


What stands out about our national team is that it has its own identity and in sport and life this factor is extremely important to be able to transcend, what I believe is that already with our selection classified to the world there must be the best possible preparation to be able to arrive in the best possible way when the world cup of basketball begins in China, since we will have to face the best teams in the world, all of us who love this sport in Venezuela are very happy for this classification and for being able to see once again our national colors in the elite of world basketball.