In Venezuela basketball for those of us who know the sport is a culture and throughout the American continent, we have witnessed the exploits that has achieved the national basketball team of Venezuela and that has solved all adversities and has become a great team, since Venezuela beat Canada with all their NBA in the FIBA Americas 2015 in Mexico and then beat Argentina to retain the championship, you could see the rebirth of a team that already had some previous heroes, the renowned Portland Heroes who also achieved for the first time the most important feats of our basketball at that time, it so happens that they also defeated Canada to dispute the final against the best team ever formed, the Dream Team of the United States nothing more and nothing less than the best players of the NBA that today are legends.


The Venezuelan national team bases its game on defense, a valuable argument that has allowed it to transcend and pressure its rivals to achieve its objectives. We are only a few steps away from the classification to the World Cup in China, due to the will of our players who have the firm commitment to take our nation to the world's basketball elite, this generation wants to achieve it for the second time, because the heroes of Portland had achieved it, but this team maintains the conviction of achieving all these goals, the Argentine coach Fernando Duro has done a great job with this team, just as Che Garcia did at the time, the contribution of them has been fundamental to the cause.

Vision and Perspective

My vision has always been ambitious, I wish and I would like my country to begin to seriously develop the junior categories where young people learn the basics effectively so they can be ready for competition from very early, especially at the international level. In Venezuela there is a lot of talent at the level of basketball and we must strive to create all the mechanisms that allow this process to flow to have future generations to defend our national tricolor with absolute confidence and hierarchy.


Venezuela currently leads Group F with 8 victories and only one defeat, has its next game against the selection of Virgin Islands as visitors, to get the victory is the game that officially gave our country the qualification for the World Cup in China 2019, the victory against Canada gave us peace of mind to be one of the most complicated games, because Canada has the best offense in the group, but the defense of Venezuela did a great job to only allow 76 points in the confrontation.

Certain connoisseurs in the country breathe basketball and we know how important and transcendent have been the achievements and feats of our national basketball team, it is the sport as a whole that has given the country more joys and if we maintain the pace for the future we can enjoy for many years to have our team in the basketball world elite.