After first two games on the Basketball World Cup 2019 in China, we have an official announcement of the greatest disappointment of the Championship: It is the team of — Serbia!

Yes, they were escorted to the Championship with the highest expectations, and what did we get? A miserable performance! In two games against the easiest rivals, Angola and Philippines, they’ve scored only 231 points — only 115,5 on average! A far cry from expected 200 back in Serbia. Please tell your Betman, who in normal mind is ready to get up early in the morning just to see a measly 115,5 points on average! Ridiculous!

Not one victory with a double difference… Furthermore, they have let their opponents 63 points on average, which is 4 points above the “shame limit” — you can’t let your rivals to score 60 points in 40 minutes! That is completely unacceptable!

. . .

Then, let’s look the shooting performance — barely over 70% for the team! Tragic! And then, the best Serbian scorer, Bogdan Bogdanović… My God, that guy is practicing basketball all his life! He didn’t have the time to read a book… if any of you remember that “book moment” while he was playing for “Partizan” Belgrade:

So, Bogdanović is practicing basketball all his life, and what do we get at the Championship? Intolerable 75% three point shoot! Scandal! Anybody remembers period ’70—’80, when Serbia had to forbid their two most lethal scorers — Radmilo Mišović and Ljubodrag Simonović (not related with Marko Simonović who is in the squad) — to play for national team, just so the other nations could have a decent chance in competitions? Yes, Mišović was always perfect, and as Betman remembers, Simonović had one missed shot during the career while playing in Germany, but that was an obvious foul!

. . .

After such sorrowful performance, we have to ask a question: What did they do during the training preparations? OK, we know what this guy did: He had a contract on a certain John Wick, we know he did visit a library and felt the power of books:

But what shall we do with the rest of them? What have they done? OK, Jokić was eating, he has a nice, healthy figure of a waterpolo player. But Raduljica practically shrunk on the rice diet in China. What can we expect with Italy? Win under 30 points? (SIGH) I can’t even imagine such attrocity! If Betman was Betman Đorđević, they all would be punished! Are they worthy of priority over the Serbia Women’s European Volleyball Championship team?