People always bring this up thinking they are able to discredit MJ because of it. This is brought up mostly by Lebron fans. If MJ is GOAT why was he 1-9 in the playoffs without Pippen? If MJ was GOAT he shouldn't have gotten swept right?Let's see if we can find answers.

Michael Jordan rookie of the year 1985.

 In 1985, rookie Michael Jordan had to face 2nd seeded Milwaukee with 59 wins, led by DPOY Sidney Moncrief and guided by Coach of the year Don Nelson. He also had great supporting cast in Terry Cummings 23ppg, Paul Pressey 16ppg, Caig Hodges 10.6, Alton Lister 9.9ppg, Ricky Pierce 9.8 ppg and Mike Dunleavy 8.9 ppg. This is like having 7 players scoring almost double digits. Who did Michael have? Orlando Woolridge an addict. We have to understand that this was MJ's rookie year. This wasn't the case of Magic Johnson who had a strong team on the get go with a top 3 all time Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Then in 86, Michael's 2nd year when he got injured he still put up an average of almost 44 ppg and dropped a playoff record of 63 pts against the greatest frontline ever led by Bird. In a league where great big men was a must, Bulls got no good big man but Celtics got Kevin Mchale and Robert Parish. Oh yes they also got Bill Walton, a regular season and Finals MVP. Just imagine that for a second. Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Kevin Mchale and Bill Walton are all top 50 all time caliber. Larry Bird is in anyone's top 10. They also got once Finals MVP Dennis Johnson. 86 Boston needless to say is considered by many greatest team ever. By the way, MJ missed almost the entire season and came back when Bulls was 21-43 without him.

Mj looks down, 1987.

Then in 87 with Charles Oakley as his 2nd best man averaging only 14 ppg had to face the same Celtics. Boston is simply far greater than any team in the east Lebron had to face and with a very weak team to deal with, I would understand why MJ lost. No this ain't a knock on James, just educating youngbloodz that it wasn't MJ's fault. He lit up those 80s team while someone as great as Lebron James couldn't even make the playoffs and only made it in his third year. People would say oh but Warriors maybe the greatest team ever. No they are not. If you think Golden State is great, Celtics were even greater.

But if MJ is GOAT he still should not have been swept despite all that! Well Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Durant, Elvin Hayes, Wes Unseld, Bob Mcadoo, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Larry Bird all got swept, some multiple times and most happened in the Finals where MJ was... 6-6.. Wait Wilt Chamberlain would never have been swept right? I mean 100 points and all that. I mean someone told me that Wilt was so amazing that he could do stepback, double crossover, behind the back, dunk from halfcourt and all that so he shall never be swept right? Well a loosing team with only 38 wins swept Wilt Chamberlain in 1961.

Fans also say MJ would not have won anything without Scottie. That's just ridiculously absurd. While Scottie was truly a remarkable player who contributed to all of Chicago's 6 titles, it's not logical to say MJ would not have won without him. Now was there any all time great to ever win a title without a hall of famer or hall of fame caliber teammate? Yes there had been a few. Barry, Walton and Hakeem all did but they never repeated. If stats is important to you, Michael was actually 193-187 without Pippen. People would also say when MJ left Bulls still won 55. That is true but Pip had better teammates. Bulls added Kukoc, Longley and Kerr. 2 shooters and 1 big man. If you want more stats and wanna bring up Rodman too, in the last 3peat MJ was 31-12 without Scottie and was 36-9 without Rodman in 96 and in 97. This is not to say that Scottie and Dennis didn't have impact but it just shows how MJ could win. But Pippen made WCF without MJ! Well Blazers had just reached the WCF before Scottie joined. Surprising fact is, Scottie couldn't lift his team to the Finals. Michael needed Scottie Pippen for sure and both are all time greats but it is obvious that Michael simply was the man and had a weaker cast compared to other legends. 

Michael Jordan and Pippin.