Starting today, it can be said that there are tickets for competitions in absolutely all sports within the framework of the European Games - 2019.

And if tickets to the finals in beach football are no longer available (but you can still do this at other stages of the tournament), then tickets for 3 x 3 basketball competitions are on sale only today. The prices on the online ticket page look very attractive:

Tickets for all competitions in the framework of the Second European Games can be bought here.

For the same basketball 3 x 3 prices from 15 to 35 Belarusian rubles for preliminary rounds and from 40 to 50 Belarusian rubles for a medal session. Today, one euro costs 2.4 Belarusian rubles. That is, prices for basketball tickets cost from 7 to 21 euros!

The 3x3 basketball competitions will be held from 21 to 24 June 2019 at the Palova Arena. The location of this sports facility is very beautiful - in the city center on the banks of the river Svisloch. Look at this building from different angles:

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See what competitions and the opening and closing ceremonies still have tickets and you can buy them on this link.