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I was so curious about the NBA players being excluded on Asian Games but still, I see some limitation on it and would be better if we will know the real thing behind it. There was an official letter just released recently that Jordan Clarkson who was an American-Filipino playing in NBA under Cleveland Cavaliers was prohibited to play under the Philippines due to some restriction on the agreement. The news release really gives disappointment to both Clarkson and millions of Filipino basketball fans.

Zhou Qi and Ding Yanyuhang - Image Source

In China Team, Zhou Qi who is currently playing under Houston Rockets and Ding Yanyuhang in Dallas Mavericks have still the opportunity to play with their national team in Asian Games. Now, my mind is in question if the NBA really prohibits players then these two NBA players in China should be excluded as well. I am hoping that there would still be some consideration on the NBA part to reconsider Jordan Clarkson on playing the Philippines so it would be just and fair.

Currently, for the meantime, Clarkson was temporary replaced with a young Filipino basketball player which can still be a reliable in the team. If the decision will not be reversed or changed in regards to Clarkson's entry then it is really a great challenge for the Philippine basketball team to face the two NBA players on their matchup.

The only option of Filipino basketball fans is to full trust on the final selection of players that would be representing the Philippines. Still, those players have dedication and pride to their country and that they are reliable in performing quality basketball game.

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In my perspective in basketball, there is a quite different in terms of experience in NBA compare to some local basketball games. They are truly exposed on better training and their talent as a basketball player will be totally be grilled up. So, this can be a good opportunity for any country to be represented by any player that has NBA experience.

It might be lost opportunity for the Philippines to have their very first time NBA player playing on their side. But still, Philippines are hoping that someday Clarkson will be part of the team and compete on international basketball tournaments.

What would be your reaction to their official decision in regards to the exemption of Jordan Clarkson's entry to Asian Games?