At last, teams that are competing for the gold medal in Basketball Asian Games has already been decided and that both Iran and China national teams have really proved a very outstanding win on their group matches during preliminary rounds. China has really given a good win against Indonesia on quarterfinals and outscored Chinese Taipei also in semi-finals. Those two NBA Chinese players did really a great job on contribution to their win against those team wherein they manage to score double-digits in every game.

On the other hand, Iran has really given the best results for their country wherein they defeated Japan in quarterfinals and South Korea in semi-finals. Rebounding has been the key value that Iran has the advantage towards every match. Iran has really strong offensive rebounds, giving them more possibility of performing good points in every quarter and might lead them ahead to their opponent.

Now this coming September 1, a clash between Iran and China will be happening and I am sure that many people who are following the events of Asian Games will surely not to miss this kind of game. Each of these teams has different qualities and strategy in their basketball and one of the most anticipated if Iran could able to stop those two NBA players of China in performing a good number of points.

Anyway, there would be video streaming in any Basketball Asian Games especially championship game between China and Iran. It can be fully available on Youtube for live streaming during their actual game.

Fighting for Bronze

Korea's Ratliffe showing his power over Philippines in defense - Image Source

After South Korea defeated by Iran while Chinese Taipei defeated by China in semi-finals. These two teams will face one another in glory for the bronze medal. They do have a crucial position in winning this game so they could add a medal to their country and possibly increase their position in the rankings of the gold medal tally.

Both teams do have excellent shooters and they are equally balanced to each other wherein it is hard to predict which of these team will manage to get a bronze medal. Before the finals in Basket Asian Games these two teams will match up and also available in video streaming, just in case, your national television does not televise such kind of tournament.


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