Hello! Friends,

The world of sport is so interesting due to the fact that it is a great metaphor for life. I have been considering each sport has it applies to life and I have dropped for Boxing and Tennis. Today, I will share with you many analogies in a basketball game that transpires in a real-life circumstance.

Lifes deals with ups and downs which it only takes endurance to conquer them.

Lesson 1

  • Learn The Basics of The Game.

If you want to start playing basketball, you will need to first learn the fundamentals which have to do with how to dribble, how to run the court, how to shoot the ball, how to pass and how to play the game in general. This is where you need to develop your skills and it is these skills that will make you become an outstanding player.

In life, the basics thing is the first thing to learn, you need to have the understanding of what life is, what the life means to you, and what exactly is life expecting from you. Your discovery of this basics will determine how you will build yourself and come up with strategies for attaining it.

Lesson 2

  • Be Mentally and Physically Prepared.

It is impossible to win a game without preparation physically and mentally. This aspect covers all major games/sport. How you prepared determines your outcome in the field of play. Have you taken a look at basketballer and the fitness? Your physical shape needs to be developed to withstand a long and demanding basketball season. A basketball will have posses winning and positive mindset. This behavior stated is equally essential in a real-life situation. You need to be physically and mentally fit by preparation.

Lesson 3

  • Anticipate The Play with Your Alertness Posture Always.

I remember the life of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and some that I may not want to mention how they use to play. They know where all there teammate is positioned on the court. This is more like talking about vision and awareness. A player like Jordan knows a game that would work against the different teams, this anticipation mode made them very active in the court and never reactive players in a game. These factors single out great players from good players. The same applies in real-life, Your awareness or consciousness in the journey of life, prepare a stage for your upliftment and achievement.

Lesson 4

  • Don't be Selfish Like Micheal Jordan

Micheal Jordan is a selfish player before he learns. Remember I have been dealing with single-game like boxing and tennis for some days now but for Basketball is a sport that requires teamwork. Jordan was unable to record win in any championships until he understands the value teammates has in the court. Your team contribution and cooperation are required to play well and win. Everyone has the role to play and this is for the common goal. Yes! you may have personal glory but I must say, this can never get the job done when in the court. Ask Jordan and he will tell you.

In the journey of life, you need people with great mind around you, share your view, cooperate and contribute to people's lives, all this come together to make you a champion. Like one of the Football Club Motto says, We Will Never Walk Alone! (Liverpool).

In conclusion, there are many more factors attached to basketball but in all these, let this register within you to always win more games than you lose. If you are asking if this possible, it is possible to lose a game and not happy but always accept defeat and victory graciously. When you related all this to a real-life situation, you will agree with that not all thing will go your way, there are times you lost and time you win. What keeps you going is the lesson you learn along your pathway to success and I tell you correcting them will make you come out a winner.

Thank you!

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