basketball on the table in 1891. Developed by Physical Education teacher James what the name is MIT. What I find very harsh in American football, the opposite walls of a simit hall, I started a new game. American football was also used in basketball because American football was very common at that time. This game, which was played with a team of 7 in the beginning, attracted great interest in a short time and started to spread rapidly to other countries of the world. Your massage s. The game, which was started to be played with thirteen-point game rules at Springfield College, was created in order to prevent athletes, baseball players and children playing American football in the winter period from being injured in the hall. Basketball rapidly spread from America to Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia after the First World War. FIBA has been founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1932 in order to manage this sport branch. They implement all the necessary regulations and game rules so that basketball can spread faster and become a more enjoyable game. International Amateur Basketball Federation, Switzerland on 26 1932 to manage international matches. It was created in the city of Geneva in cooperation with the basketball federations of Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Har Jant's Romania and Czechoslovakia. Shortly after its discovery, basketball spread to universities and even neighborhood gymnasiums. America said the first national basketball championships among men in 1897 and then among women in 1900 were beautiful, and enabled this sport to develop throughout the country. The first European Championship was held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1935 and Latvia was the winner. It was also included as the official game in the Olympics held in Berlin in 1936. The first World Championship was held in Argentina in 1950 and Argentina came first. Basketball's arrival in Turkey is equivalent to 1904. It was played once for trial purposes under the direction of Robert College teachers. 1910 High School Galatasaray High School Physical Education Teacher Ahmet Robenson adapted basketball rules according to our language. However, due to lack of technical information, positive results were not obtained. The first studies started in 1920. The first basketball league was established in 1900 now. Official competitions have been held since 1933.