Aleksa Avramovic hit 3 pointer near the end and decides match

Partizan Belgrade won Red Star in local derby in Euroleague with result of 88:86. It's unbelievable because Red Star had 12 or 14 point lead during 3rd quarter. That is point when I turned on TV and stop watching sure away side will win 20 points or something. Photons however showed that they behave different when you watch and when you don't watch them and today morning I read Partizan won 88:86 and asked myself how is it possible ? Then I found answer it's because of playmaker Aleksa Avramović who took things in his own hands and sent this bomb right into Red Star basket.

You see result flow here. Start was very good for home side. It was 10 or 11:00 before Red Star players hit first points. However it was clear even then that our player don't protect basket well, that every rebound went to Red Star players. They dominated in rebounds even then. Away side started to play at the end of first quarter and came back to -9. In second they played much better and came to 42:42. Worth saying is that corrupt referee did disallow Partizan 3 pointer at the end because our player didn't throw it on time. They didn't check how clock was ticking after Red Star basket before that. Ball was between Red Star player's legs for 2 seconds and clock did run during that time. Pure thievery!

Aleksa Avramović wanted more noise from fans

Red Star dominated in third quarter. They hit numerous of 3 pointers while we didn't have solution in the attack. Partizan coach removed Kaminski and put Smailagić in and soon after Punter went out and Aleksa Avramović came in. That was good move which lead us to this big victory in Euroleague.

We have now 2 wins and 3 loses and have some chances to fight for top 8. Red Star has 1 win and 4 loses and they are in harder position but nothing is over yet for sure. Well done and congratulations to Željko Obradović and Aleksa Avramović and others except Kaminski. Matthias Lessort who went to Panathinakos is developer of basketball for him. He looked like he is brother of ex NBA player. Win in local derby is always sweet!