Jordi Bertomeu

The strongest European basketball competition Euroleague has grey rules about who can and who can't compete in this competition. Join ex Yugoslavian league called ABA leaague, where compete the best clubs from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro had one place in Euroleague. So far it was club which win ABA league. That was fair enough. However president, Chairman, and CEO of the Euroleague Basketball Company, Spanish professional basketball administrator, Jordi Bertomeu recently said ABA league will lose place in Europa league ? In another attack of seeing pink elephants he even said that finalists of European cup will not have guaranteed place in Euroleague next season too. Instead of that he plans to call some other clubs. It's not clear which clubs he will call and under which criteria will he chose them ? I am afraid that is going to be club which push the biggest amount of money in his pocket.

It's not wonder there is big gap in money generated from NBA, FIBA and Euroleague. Some studies are saying that NBA generates 9 billion USD, while FIBA do it with 100 and Euroleague only 40 millions. This means that FIBA+Euroleague are worth like 3 player contracts of Sacramento squad. Why basketball can generate so big money in USA and can't do it in Euroleague ? What is wrong with European basketball ? I guess no one wants to invest in sport lead by this corrupted official who sees pink elephants. Imagine you invest big money in team win competition like ABA league, and then he said over night "You can't play Euroleague!", you ask why and he said other club from region push more money in my pocket. LoL!

Intentions are clear, clubs which pay Jordi the most will play no matter how bad they were in last season. Is it time for returning to FIBA Champions League ?