Kevin Punter

Partizan Belgrade lost match against Real Madrid at home yesterday. Final result was 76:88. This loss is again like many other on Kevin Punter. He made so stupid shootout from impossible positions and directly converted even game to +10 for Madrid. How many more games fans need to watch this person playing here ? One of if not the most expensive player and big weight on tiny Partizan budget appointed by I don't know who as captain should really go elsewhere. Last season it was his direct fault Partizan didn't eliminate Real Madrid from play off because he decided it's right time to start brawl after game has been already won and that brawl lead toward injured and suspended Partizan players and losing chance for final four despite 0:2 leading in serial and 2 wins in Madrid. Real later became Champions thanks to non sport means and Partizan from last season could become that if we had more intelligent player then this prick. He didn't learn anything since then. I don't know what kind of pulp he has in his skull, but positions, way and timing of his shots were like he is playing for Real Madrid but wear wrong shirt. He made me switch off and abandon game at the end of 3rd quarter. He looked like open saboteur yesterday.

Real Madrid didn't start well, they missed a lot of attempts, but Partizan was not much better too. Argentinian player Campaco made quickly 2 fouls and then had little Klopp like conversation with referee who soon started to bring Madrid players on free throw line. First quarter ended in 13:13 thanks to Mario Hezonja who scored from 7 or more meters in last second. Second quarter was also more less 2-3 points lead like third, but then anti hero Punter decided to show up and help Madrid to win the game. Mario Hezonja hit couple of more long range shots, just like the best Partizan player yesterday Kaminski who made really convincing NBA performance. James Nunnally was also very good, while Aleksa Avramovic didn't have his night. He missed a lot of short range points and cooled me off from thinking that he is new Kicanovic. No, he is not. He is not even close. He can have one two great games, but then he falls to this level.

It looks to me that Punter is saboteur in the squad, person over whom coach has no authority, who did what he wanted during the game because he is protected by club director who is yes man of ruler of our country who supports another club which lost day before at home vs Pantahinaikos and qualified for one more G17+ season in Euroleague despite all money which sank in that squad. Their season in Euroleague is over 4-5 games before the end by no less then ex Partizan player Mathias Lessort who won them with Panathinaikos in front of half empty Arena despite authorities transferred to that other club 4-5 million Euros over basketball association of Serbia few days or weeks ago.

Partizan still have chance to be in top 10 and to play play in, but even if they pass that stage they will play against Real Madrid again and get eliminated. We are not that good like last season, we miss Lessort and Dante badly, but we miss Punter's departure more. One more thing I think this type of beard on Punter's face is bad too. You are not GOAT if you make beard like goat, you are GOAT if you perform good in big games. Punter Out!