Belgium, Canada and Australia are the teams that joined the United States in the quarter-finals of the Women's Basketball Championship, which is taking place in Spain.

The Belgian team made the surprise, while defeating Spain's tournament organizer with the score 72-63, ranking first in Group C and earning the right to be among the top 8 tournaments.

Belgium played a better game than the Spanish team, where most of the time was Emma Meesseman with 19 points, 8 balls in the table and 2 assists.

Canada is Group A winning team after defeating France in the last 71-60 victory. It seemed that France would have made it easy for this game, seeing that it won the first period 25-12, but Canada tried to react and in the other three periods decided its dictate, winning the whole game with 11 points difference.

Australia is the winner of group B, with 6 points, and consequently one of the world's quarter-finals. The Australian team beat Turkey with the 90-64 score. The latter was a meeting that was totally dominated by Australian basketball players, which also points to the 26-point difference in his final score.

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