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Next Japan - Kazakhstan Basketball Match Prediction
Japan - Kazakhstan Basketball Match - Image Source Japan still on their crucial position in qualifying World Cup while Kazakhstan still making their way to a better safe position in their bracket. Any possible things may happen as the total scheduled games have not filled yet. These two teams have already encountered on their basketball match during the opening of the qualifying matches. In their game, Kazakhstan was not able to keep up with their scoring from first quarter until the third quarter. Japan on their game makes some explosive two-point range shots which effectively impact good results in the scoreboard. Aside from putting some good performance on two-point range area, Japan has shown better free-throw shooting compare Kazakhstan. Image Source As always an outstanding performance from Japan's Rui Hachimura which really helped Japan Team to remain competitive in the FIBA tournament. Japan really works best on their steals and blocking shooting attempts from Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan Team really good in rebounding compare to Japan during their match. Even though Kazakhstan has shown an advantage on the rebound part, Japan really did something to create some play that really works for them. And that gives Japan the total advantage on the entire game which results to their win against Kazakhstan. Their next encounter may be kind of a difference now, Kazakhstan which I think are more aggressive since they really need to focus on winning to be still in the tournament's next phase. But I would assume that Japan would not give any chances for Kazakhstan to be the aggressive one instead Japan are willing to counter what possible scenarios may happen inside the basketball court. Japan has known to beat the giants in their bracket and I think a rematch against Kazakhstan will still be won by Japan. Image Source If Japan manages to win this match and other succeeding basketball matches they would possibly be overtaking the Philippines on its current position and put Japan in a secured zone as one of the qualified team in FIBA World Cup. Let's just hope for the best for their upcoming basketball match.