Basketball / fiba asian qualifier

FIBA Philippine Team almost in Completion
Philippine Team during practice - Image Source It was really a great news for all the Filipinos out there who are always looking forward to a better team composition for Philippine Basketball Team. There might be some obstacles in the process in terms of eligibility of some of the players due to imposed rules and regulation in FIBA. Just recently, a good news was being informed by Philippine basketball that player Greg Slaughter who has a problem with eligibility to play as a local roster for Philippine Team is not anymore an issue since FIBA officially announced via a letter from FIBA officials that Greg Slaughter can play without anymore restriction. This news has been good for the Philippine Team for their game against Iran who has more advantage in terms of height. But Philippine Team this time will try to match them with some tall people that could stand the strength of Iran. Stanley Pringle who has been excellent during the Asian Games that helped Philippine basketball team to grab the 5th position alongside with American-Filipino Jordan Clarkson and Christian Standhardinger. The remaining line up of players would be possibly picked are those who had already played in Asian Games and already proved themselves excluding Jordan Clarkson this time. If Philippine will manage to pass their qualification in round 2 then Jordan Clarkson will reconsider in joining the team on their World Cup journey. Still, there are so much to look forward into since Philippine Team needs to beat powerhouse Iran to secure their way to World Cup. Problems Facing in the Process Greg Slaughter - Image Source Now that Greg Slaughter is playing as a local player, still Philippine coaching staff is a little worried due to lack of training in team practices for Philippine Team due to his recent injury during his game in Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). But still, coaching staff are very confident that he could still catch up with the team chemistry and put a good performance on their FIBA run. As for Christian Standhardinger who has played in Asian Games has missed some team practices due to some stomach issues. Even if he has been into training in Philippine Team last Asian Games but it is still quite different when it comes to FIBA since it is another level of tournament that should not be taken lightly. There might be a change of strategy and players on the other national teams and that the coaching staff should tackle to catch up with also. With Greg Slaughter cleared, the Philippine coaching staff will now choose who will be their naturalized player whether it will be Christian Standhardinger or Stanley Pringle who really plays an important role for the Philippines in the international basketball tournament. Both of these players have different basketball positions and has exceptional skills which really can help lead Philippine Team. I am sure that veteran coach Yeng Guiao, will put many comparisons before taking good actions. Final Announcement of Philippine Rosters Alex Cabagnot - Image Source Coach Yeng Guiao taking more carefully in deciding the final players that would be participating the final line up for FIBA Philippine national team. A pool of prospect players is already in the process of training and collaboration. There would be a possibility that before the end of the day on September 9, an official statement will be announced. What I am looking forward to our potential players like Alex Cabagnot and Marcio Lassiter who has a bigger chance to join the team. These two players have proven themselves in PBA and I am sure that with the help of these two players, the national team will have good results in their FIBA Round 2 Qualification.