Happy moanday Nikola Jankovic
Serbian league basketball season is finishing these days as the best clubs Partizan and Red Star are facing each other in non human conditions. They play basketball in hall with bad air conditioning system where temperature can get up to 40 C. Third game on Saturday night born antihero and good candidate for Happy moan day contest. That is Partizan player Nikola Jankovic. Result in serial was 1:1, we came in last 2 minutes with Red Star leading 2 points, they had ball. They could not score in attack, the ball went out of play but they managed to keep possession it with 1 second until end of attack. Despite Partizan defense they managed to found player in corner who took the ball and jump to shot. Then we saw the most stupid move of the game! Nikola Jankovic jumped on him to late, he did not have any influence on shot, but hit Red Star player hand and move him down to floor and fall over him. Shot was missed for 0.5m, but referee blow for 3 free throws. Then one gentleman from 1 row hard core Red Star fan spit on Nikola and referee ordered him to move to second row. Of course Red Star player scored all 3 free throws making result +5 and far better position than +2 and ball for Partizan. But guess what ? That was not the only bad move from Mr. Jankovic. In next attack he run under basket and was fouled. Then he missed both free throws. I am especially angry on way how he shot second free throw sending ball almost to top of hall before missing. LoL If you think that was all you are wrong! Next attack from Red Star, they miss basket, ball was comming to Jankovic, but he let Red Star player to grab it (despite main Red Star center was out because 5 personal fouls) and then fouled him for new 2 free throws. LOL! Then coach of Partizan replaced this I would say Red Star MVP of the night and sent him to well deserved bench. Rest of squad angerly throw him towel before coach Trinkieri started to explain something to him. I was hoping to see open hand punch, but all ended just in words. LoL Happy moan day Nikola Jankovic you Red Star MVP of the night! LOL MVP MVP MVP!!!