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South Korea outmatch Syria in FIBA Asian Qualifiers
Image Source After South Korea lost two of their games in the first round of Asian Qualifiers from teams China and New Zealand, they still stood a better position and qualifies in the second round. They finish 4-2 standing in their bracket putting in the second position next to New Zealand with a 5-1 standing. At the start of round 2, South Korea really put a good finish against Jordan national team with an 86-75 win. Even if South Korea overpowered in speed and in rebounds, they still manage to win with a good percentage in free throw shooting. On the recent basketball match of South Korea against Syria, South Korea is on their better form and that they have taken the lead on all quarters. It is seen that South Korea has improved their accuracy on their field goal shooting. Ricardo Ratliffe of South Korea who has been leading the team has really gone monstrously during their match and helped the team with his 41 points, 17 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals, and 1 blocks. The experience in the last Asian Games really paid well for South Korea and give them a good condition to perform in their very good competitive state. Image Source As always South Korea has really overwhelming three-point shooting and give them the best advantage that they could as well as the accuracy that they are putting on free-throw attempts. A good circulation of the ball has been implemented within the team with some good passing of balls, giving the team to have more opportunity to get ahead on the points lead. Aside from South Korea's accuracy, they also dominate rebounds which gives them more opportunity to grab more points as well as limiting Syria on their second chances point attempts. Japan struggles for a better position Image Source After Japan made it to the second round, they are still in struggling position for their entry to World Cup. They are currently in 4th position and they need to be within the three top positions to be able to secure their entry to the World Cup. Their recent remarkable win against Iran put them into a better chance to get into the position that they want it to be. They need to win their succeeding matches in order to have a high chance to overtake the Philippines or even Iran in rankings. Japan has full of surprises and sometimes we don't expect that could beat the powerhouse teams like New Zealand and Iran in FIBA.

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