so yesterday i went 1-3 in my Scorum debut. Not the best considering im on a real hot streak. Here are my picks for tonight.

LaD @ Cleveland last July, photo taken by Amos811

Washington Nationals -135 They are at home, and pitcher Roark does his part, I just need the run support. Also the Philly's just stink.

Atl -115 on the road against Pit, yesterday a rookie pitcher dominated the Pirates, so this seems like a real safe bet for tonight.

Toronto -142 against the crappy Baltimore oriels.  

Cubs -200 against the brainer.

Minnesota -110 against the White Sox

Houston -128 going against Seattle on the road 

 And the Dodgers -175 going up against the cards again, hope they don't fuck me twice.  Ryu is a decent pitcher. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this, look forward to my future MLB picks, and I do pick every single NFL game with reasons why...