Betting on sports events is best experienced with bonuses. Find out what’s the best bookmaker promotions to claim at the bookmaker.

Sports betting is a thrilling way to enjoy your passion for sports and bookmakers can improve that experience through promotions. Check out the list of offerings they have and claim whichever fun bonus catches your attention. However, it can be hard to choose if you’re unaware of your options. That’s why you need this short guide to introduce you to five of the best sports betting bonuses at an online bookmaker:

Welcome bonuses

A welcome bonus is a one-time use bookmaker bonus but it offers the biggest reward you can find on any gambling website. Most of the time, the rewards will either be free spins, cash bonuses, or a combination of both. Use this to upstart your fun session on a new bookmaker because it allows you to make risk-free wagers that pay real cash prizes.

The welcome bonus is typically available after you make your first stake einzahlung (Stake deposit) and you can claim it at any time. Use this reward to place any exciting underdog bets at the bookmaker for a chance to win big payouts in real cash prizes.

Price boost

A price boost refers to bonuses that let you improve the potential payout of a bet. Only a few bookmakers offer this reward and it’s also limited to select sports events only. How they are chosen depends on the terms and conditions of the bonus as well as the bookmaker’s discretion.

If this bonus is available, then you can toggle it for a bet slip and all your potential winnings will be so much more than the odds indicate. The only condition price boost has is that the odds of your bets should be above the implied minimum so bets that are too safe don’t count.

Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses give you a short period of an hour but some versions can reach up to a week. Any loss you’ve made during this period is counted then you get back a fraction of it at the end of the bonus duration. Rates are typically only up to 15% or less so it won’t be a full recovery of your lost bets but it still gives you additional bankroll.

VIP program

A VIP program is exciting because it rewards your activities and loyalty to the casino. Every bet you make is rewarded with a point that leads you to reach new tiers in your account. Doing so gives you freebies like cash bonuses to use in your next bets. Certain tiers also unlock VIP benefits like an account assistant, bespoke bonuses, or eligibility for a raffle giveaway. Keep levelling up your account to further improve the rewards you enjoy from the VIP program.

Reload bonuses

A reload bonus is the most straightforward bookmaker bonus you can find. All it takes is to make a weekly stake einzahlung (Stake deposit) and you're ready to claim it. The rewards are usually cash bonuses that you can use for betting and it’s only available once a week. Be sure to grab it whenever you deposit because the bankroll extension always helps.