A few weeks back I started the Top Twenty Witness Consortium but wanted to also put together a Server for ALL of the Scorum Community. Every Scorumite/Scorumer is welcome when it launches soon. There will be a strong emphasis not just on the killer Blogging Community but a really big focus on the Bettor Platform that is so incredibly crucial to Scorum success, sustainability and price increase.

It will be a place for people to mingle and promote their own initiatives and works and just to chill out. We're looking for Moderators as well but also it's a place to just drop in and shoot the breeze and collaborate. Networking and getting to know others in a setting like that can prove beneficial and nobody is gonna play "babysitter" but will expect people to be adult enough to keep it rather pleasant and productive for all.

An Accurate Depiction of the Feeling of Getting out of a LONG BEAR MARKET! (Pixabay)

If you are interested in being a Mod (think I have Admins covered already...), then shoot me a dm on Discord or leave in the comments. Every other Server is welcome to promote that is Scorum related and we will tweak channels and needs as we move forward to make it as inclusive and productive for people as possible. It has been nice to see Crypto and Scorum in the green and am proud of those who worked and "weathered" through what was a rather brutal time in the markets.

A few things we're hoping to focus on is marketing, combating platform abuse/spam and having fun. Fun is that thing you do when you take a load off and just relax and network with other people to make friendships/allies and who knows, maybe some will meet that special someone on there. ;) (Joking but hey, love does happen on the Interwebz!)

Relationship Building is the Key to Lambo! (giphy)

Thanks for the support and will get this baby rolling ASAP. There is a lot of good stuff going on and why not just put another server in the mix but that is for all you beautiful people!

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships :)

Scorum Forum Coming Soon so check some Saltiness at the door and who knows how it will go but that's what decentralization is about right? Perhaps some games and goofy stuff will get put in there to boost morale! Scorum On! Saltiness happens and maybe I just make rooms for Gladiatorial fights and we game it....hmmmm

Plugs for a couple of cool things to do...