I like Khabib as a fighter but believe he hasn't faced a test like Conor before. I'm convinced that Khabib is too easy to hit and for a top level striker with great power like Conor it could prove crucial.

But no matter what you believe of how the fight will go I will tell you one thing that will prove to be correct; Conor's odds will have contracted significantly come the night of the fight.

Some of the odds on offer are way off the true odds for the fight and you can profit big time by taking some of the better prices and be in a position to trade out before the fight even starts.

Conor's sheer weight of followers and countrymen will be backing him off the boards and that will outweigh any pros who strongly think Khabib will win. Just look at how much his price contracted before the Mayweather fight in a sport he was having his first fight in against the greatest boxer of all time. He went from 9.0 in places to going off nearer 4.5/4.0.

The 2.6 with MarathonBet should be bet to the maximum stake they will take. The 2.4 is also too big with Bet365. Can easily see Conor's odds being closer to 2.0 come the night of the fight and that would leave us in a great position to trade out pre-fight for a nice profit.