All of us who remained at the platform… five of us? Rollcall? Whatever. All of us who remained at the platform, are long ago disillusioned about new sports at BetScorum – there won’t be any in a foreseeable future. Good news? Soon, there won’t be a foreseeable future anyway!

Betman no longer has the illusion that he will ever see women’s volleyball at BetScorum. Or women’s tennis. Or women’s table tennis. Or any kind of tennis. Or basketball. Or cheerleader championship. Or naked rowing. Or his absolutely favorite sport…

There won’t be any of that ever. Stop hoping. We are stuck at the stupid football called soccer, and incredibly dull odds with an expensive fun called ‘Champions League’. It should be called ‘Rich Mob League’, and should be advertised through the Syndicate of Rich: ‘Fun for the poorest! See our employees running for the ball!’ and ‘Make your kid our clown!’ That would be very successful, as the people react only to the odds at the CL games:

Are you afraid that SCR could fall even further if you bet on Belgian league? Or Turkish league? Or Portuguese? Or Indonesian? Betman assures you it won’t happen. SCR is so low that really does not have enough space to fall anywhere. Which is your chance to bet without a disastrous financial consequences.

Ready to try?