Without fans at the stadiums, the power relations in football have changed… Could the 2021 be a dreaded Armabettinggedon Year?

Betman could expect Chelsea will continue their perverted push, but aside of that plonkers, we have a serious problem. Without fans at the stadiums, there are no more offensive chanting, racial slurs, swearing at referees, threats to the opposing side fans, fistfights, killing mob chase… you know, all those things which make football so popular. Those irrelevant guys who run for the ball are left on their own. So, you really can’t tell if someone of them will have more motivation from those at the other side of the pitch. And Betman have missed another tip in 2021:

Jan. 6th: Manchester United vs. Manchester City 1X @1.708 ❌ 0:2

Still, Betman has a general advice in this situation: Always chose higher odds, or as the famous German philosopher Grunf (you know, from the famous line of philosophers – Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Marx, Engels, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Beckenbauer) like to say…

Here, you can try his philosophy yourself at BetScorum right now:

And Betman will test it in person with the F*ckup… I mean FA Cup match:

20:45 CET: Aston Villa FC vs. Liverpool FC 1X @3.631

I know many of you yearn to take those fistful of SCRs Betman has offered.

Well, help yourselves!