Betman has already mourned BetScorum after the completely empty July 2021. But then, a new football season started, and we got the pulse again…

Unfortunately, the pulse was so weak that Betman must note pre-death condition with a serious danger of extinction. Betman will therefore use a measly August results as an excuse to present to the Scorum community a real spectacle: An energetic public blitz Chicken Chess session between Botez sisters. It wouldn’t be wise to miss this show!

Now, if you have left some energy after that show, you can see how insignificant were the SCR investments in Betman’s betting department at BetScorum – almost not worthy of a Scorum drop of ink:

In August, people risked only 726 of their ever-falling SCRs against Betman, and collectively lost just 3.7 SCR in Betman’s favor. ROI was unremarkable 0.51%… and therefore we won’t remark it at all. We will go back to chess in waiting for a new generation of developers who can make a decent platform on the late BetScorum idea.