Yes, Betman was good on Germans at BetScorum yesterday, but it was not because there was a crowd rooting for his odds. On the contrary, many have missed them, and regret for it… directly or indirectly!

Yes, Betman has a witness that he had a tip for yesterday’s game Werder Bremen vs. Bayer 04 Leverkusen – Both Teams to Score, and Betman even put a wager on that, but unfortunately, many of you were too busy to notice it outside of Betman’s posts. Some were busy studying Germans before the new round of Bundesliga, some of you were – quite surprisingly – writing for Scorum while expecting some kind of reward, and some of you were hunting quarantine fugitives… And presumed feeling after missing Betman’s tip is like you have stepped into the…

Distance, Harry, distance! Now we know why they call you ‘Dirty’. Don’t worry, Betman will allow you a pair of odds for tomorrow and day after tomorrow, so you can wash that bitter taste of regret… and your hands also. Be careful, thought, ’cause these are Belarus odds only, since Germans are all at a collective disinfection until next weekend:

May 20th, 18:00 CET: FC Brest vs. Bate Borisov

May 21st, 18:00 CET: FC Neman Grodno vs. Torpedo Belaz Zhodino

So, this time Betman will leave to Harry and all of you enough time to work out a strategy of staking smartly and beating Betman. I know, SCR never got over that magic limit of 0.007 cents, but still, Harry can buy a bullet or two with the winnings, and the rest of you can hodl until you find a Lambo of an appropriate color…

Waiting for your thoughts and SCRs!