Absolutely disastrous beginning of the year forced Betman to reconsider his betting preferences. Making every possible mistake in January means a vacation from mistakes... Cooling down. Letting others make mistakes...

In the previous post, we left Betman on his way to the drawing board again. But he was unlucky even in that simple task. The other genius was already there:

Good luck Wile E. Here, Betman will contribute to your mind process with a new set of odds at BetScorum, which might bring you a massive funding for your trap ideas:

And when I say ‘massive funding’, I meant an SCR funding full of hopes it will one day again come to one cent.

So, how about a bit of Turkish Superlig? Or Portugal Primeira? Have you ever tried some FC Famalicao vs. Moreirense FC? Something really new and crunchy? Full of suspense and thrill? You may really earn some SCR, and you know what can happen? Listen to this old wisdom:

Nothing goes down forever!