It took a late Australian Open for Betman to break his disastrous streak of five lost tips at Scorum, and a whole month to start a shy recovery at BetScorum

Maybe a ‘recovery’ is not an adequate expression. It was a very small profit in February, which we really can qualify only as a band-aid over January disaster. On the other hand, Betman will take any positive result to justify his efforts in keeping the platform seemingly alive…

What’s the matter, Robert? You’ve lost your heart again? I mean your bottle? Betman has a good news for you. March began with another disaster and six lost bets in a row. So, your wish may come true. On the other hand, if Betman finishes March positive (save from Corona), you can count on a big glass of a delicious alco-choccy milk from my followers!

But you will have to stay dry until the end of this month for that. Let’s see in the meantime the mentioned band-aid results:

In February, there was a fairly modest investment of 3437.79 SCR with an even more modest 148.93 SCR of profit, and the deeply modest 4.33% ROI. Albeit, it was enough for that anti-stress green color, and that’s why Betman will not complain…

Of course, the actions of development team are a guarantee that SCR will not go over one cent for a long time before us, so there is no reason for stress about the big losses – you can’t have them while the price is so low. Furthermore, you can use it freely for some betting fun at BetScorum

Truly, with SCR so low, you only can expect pleasant surprises.

So, keep your keys!