Psychology is a wondrous science. It can explain how human brain works, and how it can be controlled.

Historically, first crude system of control was based on fear. After the “fear concept” was overcome, then came finer kind of control based on greed and diversion. The Roman Empire perfected the system called “Divide and Conquer”. But the best forms of control were developed through modern science, wast psychological research on distractions (in the form of drugs, television, alcohol, pornography or any other forms of shallow escapism that might stop people from connecting with the truth) that can make you forget thinking of your own life. Now, the ultimate distraction is…

Source: Screen capture from the movie “The Matrix” (1999)

Hey! Are you listening to Betman, or are you looking at the woman in the red dress?! Look again!

OK, if you would rather look at the woman in red, then Betman will give you a bunch of WOMEN IN RED! The future Queens of Volleyball Women’s World Championship in Japan 2018!

They know how to play volleyball!

They are strong!


They are beautiful!

They can fly! Even in blue!

They can hit like thunder!


And the most important — they all can cook!

So, what do you say? You do know the Winners when you see them don’t you?

You really can’t lose following these young ladies! And let’s not forget the tip:

VWWCH Winner: Serbia @4.00