Yes, Betman got it eight times in a row! Unprecedented occurence. Now Betman is going to use all his power of influence for some really important stuff…

Not now, Meg, I’m busy. This is more important. This is — REVENGE! The time has come!

The squad that has been robbing Betman since forever, is now trying to sqeeze into the Europa League finale. &#$?*#4 Chelsea! If they manage, and if the Arse-nal beats Violencia, we will be watching all-England both European finals. And only Betman can spoil it! Would you like to know how? Read it and weep!

Well, Chelsea is stalking Betman for years. Every time Betman put some money against them, they win. Every time Betman put some money on them, they lose. Last time, here at BetScorum, at the end of January against… wait for it! … Bournemouth! Can you imagine? Bournemouth, of all teams! Only the great fall of SCR saved Betman from a catastrophic financial disaster.

Those schmucks are clearly ambushing Betman! No doubt about that. Well, this time, it’s a big money at stake. And Betman will gladly put some money on them, watching them loosing that finale and a ton of money! And I won’t even take a risk of a draw!

21:00 CET: Chelsea vs. Frankfurt 1X @1.195 at Bet.Bot

Betman really wonders, will they find so much joy in breaking Betman’s perfect line of eight bets in a row, that it will be worth loosing rewards of final game and possible eurotitle?

Can’t wait to see their choice! Go ahead, just do it…

…bring Betman down! Or Meg will!