What a fantastic revenge match between Betman and @btb it was! It had everything — surprises, excitement, double reversal… everything but profit!

Sorry Underdog, you can’t have everything always. Even with Betman. You’d do better chasing cats. Except that, @btb is far from amateur in this “business”. He just had a high hopes (just like you) in the beginning of the season when the surprises are more of a rule than exception. After some ten rounds, he will be unbeatable ;)

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If you would like to see how this week Fight Club match looked like, you can visit the match page or search with a tag #fightclub.

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On Friday, match started like a dream for Betman…

Friday, August 23th

21:00 CET: Aston Villa 2-0 Everton FC

@beat-the-bookies: Everton -0.25 @1.970 (-100) — Betman: Aston Villa +0.25 @2.031 (+103,1)

. . .

…but the first match of Saturday announced there was something really fishy going on: Chelsea managed to win despite Betman’s tip!

Saturday, August 24th, games found at BetScorum

13:30 CET: Norwich City 2-3 Chelsea FC

@beat-the-bookies: Norwich +0.25 @2.490 (-100) — Betman: Chelsea FC X2 @1.234 (+23,4)

There you go — Chelsea “intelligence service” needed just four games to understand Betmans plan to make them stars of the Championship! And they were forced to beat @beat-the-bookies

16:00 CET: Brighton 0-2 Southampton

@beat-the-bookies: Southampton +0 @2.220

Betman didn’t go for this one out of protest, but you could listen to our @btb — and win!

16:00 CET: Manchester United 1-2 Crystal Palace

@beat-the-bookies: Manchester Utd -1.5 @2.110 — Betman agrees completely

What a betrayal! First surprise of this round!

. . .

And then, @btb made a fantastic Saturday comeback!

16:00 CET: Sheffield United 1-2 Leicester City

@beat-the-bookies: Leicester -0.25 @1.952 (+95.2) — Betman: Sheffield United +0.25 @2.05 (-100)

16:00 CET: Watford FC 1-3 West Ham United

@beat-the-bookies: West Ham +0 @2.640 (+164) — Betman: Watford FC -0 @1.61 (-100)

18:30 CET: Liverpool FC 3-1 Arsenal FC

@beat-the-bookies: Over 3.5 @2.190 (+119) — Betman: Under 3.5 @1.84 (-100)

Thanks to the late comforting goal that Arsenal managed to scrap against Liverpool, our @btb has secured a commanding lead before the last three Sunday games…

Sunday, August 25th

15:00 CET: AFC Bournemouth 1-3 Manchester City

@beat-the-bookies: Under 3.5 @1.943 (-100) — Betman: Over 3.5 @2.06 (+106)

17:30 CET: Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-1 Burnley FC

@beat-the-bookies: Under 2 @2.210 (push) — Betman: Wolverhampton Wanderers -0.5 @2.17 (+117)

17:30 CET: Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Newcastle United

@beat-the-bookies: Over 3 @1.943 (-100) — Betman: Tottenham Hotspur 1 @1.25 (-100)

Losing from Newcastle at home — now for that you need real talent! So much of Betman’s “safe bet” and catching up with @btb… Second surprise that has left us without profit… :(

. . .

Actually, only if we count the match games. Nine games (two double loss), 4-3 for Betman, but Betman’s loss was -150,5 and @btb had only -121,8, which makes him undisputed winner of this round:

Furthermore, when we count in @btb’s good tip for the match Brighton 0-2 Southampton, then he actually have a profit of +0.02 SCR, which makes his victory really sweet :)

. . .

And at the end, Betman has another good news for all of you: New official Scorum team blog by the name @scr.predictions have offered a nice Scorum Loyalty Program for EPL Tipsters which allows Fight Club to all of you on the single matches of the EPL! There is no more excuse not to be involved into the desperate saving of SCR price or promotion through promo.scr initiative…

Until the next fight!