Betman is really glad to see that the first BetScorum Fight Club match went very well among the distinguished membership of the Scorum platform. You all were fantastic crowd fans in the audience, and some of you even followed the match with their own reports

So, Betman has made an attempt to promote the platform with extreme bloodsport. Was it any successful? We can’t know without publishing the results…

A beautiful girl? What a great idea! A beautiful girl gets smashed in the face, as a promotion of our platform and Fight Club — that could be even better than promo.scr! You are a genius! With a big G. That would correctly portray the relationship between the community and leadership of the platform, and also would heavily annoy ultraliberal bloodhounds… At the same time, it would be appropriate enough to the shocking results of our first Fight Club match…

Not “we” Anne — Only Betman will! But you can take notes and join the club if you wish. Betman would like a fight with you. Or at least a wrestling match? You would win, no doubt, since…

Betman, leave the girl alone and give us the results!

Alright, alright, let us first review the rules. Our @stimp1024 has made his report based on rounds, or direct wins&loses over a football match results. Which would be quite appropriate for gladiators, MMA fighters, boxers and desperate housewives. In betting, however, the yield is much better indicator. Points are counting. So, we shall put a theoretical 100 SCR (almost a dollar!) on every bet, and see who fares better on the output. That way, a fighter with less winning rounds but better odds can emerge as a winner at the end.

And now, lets start with the final results:

13:30 CET: Arsenal FC 2-1 Burnley FC

@btb: Arsenal -1.5 @2.04 (-100) — Betman: Burnley +1.5 @1.962 (+96.2)

16:00 CET: Everton 1-0 Watford

@btb: Everton -1 @2.41 (push) — Betman: Watford +1 @1.709 (push)

A tie…

16:00 CET: Brighton 1-1 Westham (Scandal! No match at BetScorum!)

@btb: Brighton 1 @2.58

16:00 CET: Norwich City 3-1 Newcastle United

@btb: Norwich City 1 @2.25 (+125) — Betman: Newcastle United X2 @1.707 (-100)

16:00 CET: Aston Villa 1-2 AFC Bournemouth

@btb: Aston Villa 1 @2.32 (-100) — Betman: AFC Bournemouth X2 @1.651 (+65.1)

16:00 CET: Southampton FC 1-2 Liverpool FC

@btb: Liverpool -1.5 @2.36 (-100) — Betman: Southampton FC +1.5 @1.735 (+73.5)

18:30 CET: Manchester City 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur

@btb: Manchester City -1.5 @2.04 (-100) — Betman: Tottenham Hotspur +1.5 @1.962 (+96.2)

Sunday, August 18th
15:00 CET: Sheffield United 1-0 Crystal Palace

@btb: Crystal Palace +0 @2.11 — Betman: Sheffield United -0 @1.901 (+90.1)

17:30 CET: Chelsea FC 1-1 Leicester City

@btb: Leicester City +0.5 @2.23 (+123) — Betman: Chelsea FC 1X @1.184 (+18.4)

Here we have an overlap, where we both got the tip right, but this round goes to @btb on points… ie. far better odds

Monday, August 19th
21:00 CET: Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-1 Manchester United

@btb: Wolverhampton +0 @2.41 (push) — Betman: Manchester United X2 @1.337 (+33.7)

So, the final result would be like this:

And in text: Betman +373.2, @btb -252.0

You can compare this with @btb’s own recapitulation

Analyzing these results, you could get to foregone conclusion that Betman was a bitsy-nitsy-itsy tiny bit better. You could think that Betman won on rounds and points, but… there is always one big but:

Not this big butt! Though Betman wouldn’t mind this error. I meant big…


(Sorry, can’t make this BUT! bigger)

. . .

…which is in relation to the ever falling SCR price. You may not believe it, BUT our @btb can still emerge as a winner in the long run… You do not believe, do you?

No, Betman, please explain how a loss can become a win? Are you out of your already outed and tomato-blown mind?

Well, SCR is falling and nobody knows where it would stop. The minute when it drops into negative territory, the results will be inverted! Betman will lose on his +373.2 SCR win, while @btb will be the last man laughing with his -252.0 SCR! You still don’t believe it can happen? Don’t you see how development team is perfid… I mean, slightly leaning towards him?

. . .

Still, Betman will have his plastic surgery and nobody will recognize him as a big time looser… What a comforting thought!

Until the revenge match!

PS In the meantime, @btb and everybody else, can try to take their revenge on Betman’s Championship games odds with a strange aberration — Sheffield plays on Tuesday!