Driven by the pure curiosity, Betman has got onboard platform. A unique one. There you can find a mass of people who are ready to bet on cryptocurrencies but not on sports. How strange…

So, Betman is ready to put another exciting story before the public at – please allow him to explain what BetScorum is and how it works…

Now if you want a really short explanation, here it is:

BetScorum is the best idea with the worst maintaintenance in the Whole Wild World Wide Web.

Would you like a few words more? Watch the space below:

BetScorum is a decentralized sports betting platform that allows all of you (yes, even you hiding in the closet) direct betting at the certain sport events with 0% commission! Yes, you heard it well – bet against each other just as you would face-2-face. Only at BetScorum you will use a cryptocurrency called Scorum (SCR) which, at the time of writing this text, is worth full one cent!

Furtermore, you can earn SCR by blogging sport topics at the motherf… motherboard platform conveniently named Scorum. If you are not satisfied with the earnings from the very beginning, you can contribute to the most generous Scorum Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July, which boosts rewards to users who actually can produce a sensible tip, or like Betman, irrational but mostly profitable tips

And, of course, the most exciting element of the BetScorum platform:

You can be the Bookie! Yes, just like Betman!

See the initial NBB odds for Friday, July 24th & 25th, and try to set better ones on your own!


  • Direct betting
  • 0% commission
  • Own cryptocurrency
  • Be your own bookie


  • Only football (yes, soccer) in the offer
  • And in footbal games you can’t bet on Brighton and Hove Albion games! (essential)
  • Stats lost with poor maintenance
  • Can’t see the next games to kick off at the top of screen because it’s populated by matches that finished days ago!

More of bad sides you can find in the many texts of Betman and an excellent summary by our @talesfrmthecrypt in the text entitled Scorum - still glitchy as hell at Scorum. Betman suggests not to read it only for a month, but to try it, because it will be much more fun. You really can’t understand it just from reading the explanations. You have to use it. And you are welcome to use it.

Betman awaits for you at BetScorum!

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