Betman is telling you for a long time already: Betting is a devil’s business! Well, here is one clear example…

First the devil gives you a nice fat win…

June 20th: Fulham FC vs. Brentford FC 2 @2.62 ✔ 0:2

…And then offers you bet at 1.666 with 666 SCR at Goteborg! Then, he rejoices knowing you won’t be able to resist…

Source: Lighteye’s archive

Here is a screenshot, so you can see Betman is not telling horror stories without evidence:

13:30 CET: IFK Goteborg vs. Mjallby AIF 1 @1.666

Yes, these are the odds at BetScorum.

It would be just around $4 in SCR value but you can resist the temptation, can’t you? You better try to resist and contribute to a Scorum Loyalty Program for Tipsters and Writers 2.0. May 2020, which guarantees at least small, but sure win.

Resistance is futile! We are Goteborg!