Betman thought this would never happen… As much as it sounds incredible, yes, he found one most interesting and exciting event at the football game!

You, who follow Betman certainly know that football is an atrociously boring game, founded by British Empire and owned by a mob, where hypnotized people are forced to watch 22 illiterate ball chasers hoping that some of those bunglers will manage to nail the ball through a clearly marked area of over 14 square meters. Very often nothing happens and the hypnotized are awaken without money in their pocket and without two precious hours of life.

At the same time, they are missing the most interesting and exciting events in Chess, women’s tennis, and even women’s table tennis!

Speaking of tennis, Betman got another winning tip last Saturday:

Sep 11th: Djoković – Zverev Over 3.5 sets @1.62 ✔ 😁 3:2

You have missed it again? OK, Betman will try to lift your your spirits. He has prepared one genuinely exciting moment from a football game – which is as rare as a sane billionaire. But first – a commercial break!

What is this, no ad? Someone deranged stole it? Wait, who in normal mind would steal ads? It is probably moved somewhere else…

OK, it doesn’t matter, forget the bl**dy ads. Betman will leave some odds in an attempt to make more interesting another atrociously boring hypnotic round of Champions League, which games can be found at our long-dying BetScorum platform:

There you go. All the excitement missing the stupid game lacks, you can make up for by betting against Betman that all the games will end without goals. That is the simplest way to earn more of the well known underdonkey… underdog of all cryptocurrencies – our SCR!

Betman, we want our exciting football moment, right now!

By God, are you impatient! No worries, Betman holds his promises. But first, a commercial…


Alright, no more ads. Here it is – Drum roll please!

Just look at the fans how they went wild…

Satisfied now?