Qualifying round of Champions League has started, and BetScorum is still empty! Unbelievable! What does the membership expect? Some other sports in the offer?

So, Betman had to put a few juicy odds in another desperate attempt to instill a breath of life at the platform. You know, these are the games where you have a clear favorite and the underkitty… underlama… What was it? Undergoat… No… Oh, yes, underdog that is usually useful only for getting good goal difference. But nobody bites except maybe our @SvarogBG, who is absolutely sure that Red Star will win away game against Suduva… whatever it is. Betman put another two games from the Balkan teams with easily predictable outcomes, but nobody bites. What’s the matter? Chicken?

Listen chicks, this will take you almost no time at all. It’s a few hacks over your keyboard, and the winning are practically guaranteed! You can buy a new pair of knickers and Nike shoes for all your kids! Did you see how SCR jumped to $0.0125 just seeing Betman’s intention to post some odds?

And there is an additional bonus after all! You can be seen through @promo.scr on at least four more platforms, which means World glory and a new frantic set of memes with a classic question: “Why did the Chicken cross the road?”

Well, to bet against Betman’s odds, of course!