It is really hard to scrap some motivation for putting BetScorum odds for a games that nobody wants to see, let alone invest in them.

For example, who would bet on the Coupe de France game Stade Briochin vs. US Saint-Malo? Anybody? I thought so. It can stay at the front page another month, and nobody will notice. Not even the mythical development team.

Of course, everybody will search for the odds with the big criminals from the Champions League. So, Betman will have to go with a flow. And since there are only two games, he will offer some Over/Under odds, just for you, faithful users of Scorum & BetScorum platform:

Until the games begin, you can read an excellent post about the about the nobility of sports and the healthy life that is promoted by sports, titled Sex, drugs, murders and football, by our @svarogbg.

And after the games, you can count your newly gathered SCRs and hope… or dream. If you know how.

If you don’t know, don’t wait for Betman to organize a crash course…