Betman has just carefully constructed his losing tip to save some of the SCR value, when he crushed into the new Five Fastest Fingers offer by our Izge

Well, this one must not be missed…

From the first five teams in Premiership, only Man City does not take part in European finals. What a losers! Now they have to try to scrap their piece of glory by taking a title in their local competition. And there, they have mighty Liverpool (haunted with that bloody joke) breathing in their neck! So they have to win this one against Brighton who is safely parked out of the relegation zone, and ready to release a sigh of relieve. If it sounds little unusual, don’t be alarmed — their ball is probably letting the air…

So, Betman is going to risk your 10 SCR on that outcome, noble Izge… that is, if you still dare to stay with your offer ;)))

16:00 CET: Brighton Hove vs. Man City 2 @1.187

This one is a bit different from Betman’s usual dilemma. This one is going like this:

To beat or not to beat!