It’s no wonder that movies had historically predicted global disasters. The artists have freedom to transform a trend into an art form shown at the big screen. Knowing this, you should be asking yourself what is going to come after a massive wave of ghosts & zombie movies…

Yes, you will have a ghosts & zombie competitions. Just remember that guy… Betman forgot his name, from one famous Italian club

Well, soon there will be no Italy! Globalists are doing their best to destroy the World as we know it and remove the national states in the Great Reset, and make a global government with that bookie guy on its top. Which makes the UEFA Nations League a completely ghost competition. Dying nations select zombies to run before the audience of ghosts… Sounds like a rising stocks in a Ghostbusters market!

Betman’s tips are highly valuable and very rare currency, Bill. Not even remotely like to a less than cent worth SCR. You have to sweat for Betman’s tips. You have to become members of Scorum and keep an eye on his posts. You have to invest your efforts in keeping BetScorum platform alive. And for the beginners, Betman only can offer some odds at BetScorum:

Go ahead, try to beat this with your ghostbusting equipment. Use your chance to invest until zombie Nations still exist. Or you can wait, and be patient just a little bit more, until we make a better World on Bitcoin standard.

And better BetScorum, of course!