There were few enormously dull days at BetScorum, so much so that Betman didn’t find a bet worthy of beating his fingertips against the keyboard. Not that today is so much better, but…

In the meantime, Bitcoin went over 18,000, and Betman has a preposterous idea that only Bitcoin over 25,000 could wake the Scorum & BetScorum development team out of hibernation. If they are not dead as a Discovery’s coffin crew. Dave, are you there?

Glad I see you prepared, but don’t forget your helmet this time. As for the odds… I have just a few of them for a few games at BetScorum today. Do you have some SCR? You don’t tell me you can’t have a credit with your friendly HAL9000. I hope you didn’t bet against each other, eh?

Betman will give you a chance today to mastermind a win at football… soccer… whatever. If you are tired of the old ‘Playboy’ issues, come and look these odds:

Oh, how space is full of critics (and boring ads). What’s the matter Yoda, chicken? Don’t you know some of the United States started legalizing narcotics? You will need some SCR for a joint or two. So, please step forward and try to beat Betman. Wouldn’t you like to smoke like Elon? You know Elon, guy who is so high he doesn’t need a space vessel. Well, he did secure his weed stash buying crypto.

I guess you don’t want to fall behind him, right?