Before he became a ‘Sir’, Bob Geldof was looking like a quite good musician and decent person. He wrote a series of unforgettable songs which petrified an epoch in music. Do you remember ‘Banana Republic’? ‘Diamond Smiles’? ‘I don’t like Mondays’?

Why wouldn’t you like Mondays?

Right. It’s safer at BetScorum. There, you can lose a few cheap SCRs and keep your head at least until the next vaccination:

Betman actually likes Mondays since the day he left those ridiculous ‘regular’ jobs behind in his life. There are not much games and not much effort in setting odds. Aside of that, life is too short to work as a slave for some fat bottomed greedy leach of a capitalist. Don’t do it. Unless you have a masochistic trait in your character. And if you still have it…

Welcome at Betman’s Monday odds!