OMG, Betman almost missed this one. There’s only some 20 minutes to the beginning, so hurry up!

You even get some odds at so dead BetScorum, which is highly unusual these days…

In the first game, Serbia have suffered a humiliating defeat 5:0 in Kiev. Now, the game is over. Ukraine have already secured participation at the next European Championship 2020, and can rest its best players for this game. Serbs, on the other hand, have missed their chance when they lost from Portugal in Belgrade 2:4, and now they can play for the pride. Well, Betman hopes they have any left. And since they are the kings of futile victories, he’ll have to try this odds:

15:00 CET: Serbia vs. Ukraine 1 @2.00

…and then pair it with one small certain win of Portugal:

15:00 CET: Luxembourg vs. Portugal 2 @1.09

Making it in last moment for the Scorum Loyalty Program for tipsters… if it still exist.

Go and splash your SCRs!