There is almost nothing at BetScorum today. So, let’s take our chance to give a serious advice to the mythical Scorum development team… In case it does exist after all.

In the last text we have touched a spectacular rise of Dogecoin which is now 10x… OK 11x, comparing to our favorite betting cryptocurrency – SCR.

How could it happen that a joke currency goes so close to the moon? You see, this twit Elon Musk… I meant Elon Musk sent this tweet…

…and everybody went crazy going for a Dogecoin buying spree! OK, Betman will accept tips in Dogecoin while the ‘Pump’ phase of pump&dump scheme lasts:

Dogecoin: DAYsGD4GTNbuvW5KhyeUT67k4YYrrUAHEr

And he is doing more pump&dump schemes, which you can see at his pump&dump scheme account:

Of course, if you think that Doge is a new Bitcoin, you should see a short history of Dogecoin:

Having learned all of this, here is a simple thing that mythical Scorum development team should do to lift SCR up. It is elementary, my dear Watsons:

Buy some Dogecoin and pay Elon to tweet ‘SCR!’

OK, enough of Dogs&Coins. Betman said ‘almost nothing at BetScorum today’, which means there is something after all. And here Betman has a few odds for you, to divert your thoughts from remorse for not buying Dogecoin in time:

So, it’s Spanish and Italian Cup again…