OK, Israelites had to flee from the Egypt, it was a matter of life and death. But who’s forcing people to flee from SCR?

This morning bitcoin went over $7500, and SCR fell below one cent. What a day! Are everybody buying bitcoin for the SCRs made with Betman’s tips? All Betmans wins (BTW, nine in a row!) are now glory only, and no bread at all :(

What is happening? Should Betman make a mistake to live to see SCR rising? Should Betman be the one, like Moses, to make a split between a personal glory and BetScorum success? Let’s try it then. Let’s make a desperate attempt to find a losing tip… although some of you may not like it very much…

Yes, but it is for a higher cause! Let’s try one game nobody suspects…

12:30 CET: Torino vs. Sassuolo 1 @1.622

Everybody expect this, so it probably won’t happen. Torino has to win, they still hope for some Europa League piece of cake, so they will play full of greedy cramps. Sassuolo is parked comfortably right in the middle of the table, and they can really play for the beautiful Italian girls along the pitch. Betman will show you one in the next post, don’t be so impatient.

Except that, Betman already invested hard earned 5 SCR into this game under the Free bet offer by our Giornalista, at 1.585… and the odds immediately went up! Betman is influencing market! All the smart ones are betting against him! You can do it also, if you are quick.

Then, you can take this morning SCR graph

…and put it in a frame. Because tomorrow it will probably be just a nice memory from the good old times…

Do you know what to do when you see a very big wave heading your way?