Betman knew that something terrible would happen when he connect… how many wins in a row at BetScorum? Lost count. Here is a chance for a requiem review…

The offer… Wait, what offer? There’s nobody at BetScorum! Where are everyone?

Hey, Darth Grumpy, Betman will never come to the dark side! At least not before you offer a significant sum. And forget SCR, use this bitcoin address:


What about sharing a part of those 7,070 BTC from Binance? Then we can talk.

In the meantime, Betman had to put some fig odds, as a fig leaf over the indecent naked void of emptiness… In hope that you will notice the difference between BetScorum and PornHub.

Of course, nobody will seriously look at those. Everyone went for the mythical “Other Sports“ they have heard exists on other betting platforms… And what Betman should do? His fantastic row of wins is cruelly interrupted with nothing to bet.

How many was it in a row, Betman?

Well, Betman is not quite sure. Let’s see…

30 Apr, 19:00 CET: Montpellier vs. PSG 1X @1.85 3:2 WIN
30 Apr, 21:00 CET: Tottenham vs Ajax X2 @1.616 0:1 WIN
01 May, 21:00 CET: Barça vs. Liverpool 1X @1.374 3:0 WIN
Parlay WON! Total odds 2.09
02 May, 21:00 CET: Frankfurt vs. Chelsea X2 @1.601 1:1 WIN
02 May, 21:00 CET: Arsenal vs. Valencia 1X @1.308 3:1 WIN

04 May 18:30 CET: Cardiff vs. Crystal Palace X2 @1.555 2:3 WIN
06 May, 21:00 CET: Man City vs. Leicester City 1X @1.068 1:0 WIN
07 May, 21:00 CET: Liverpool vs. Barça 1X @1.769 4:0 WIN
08 May, 21:00 CET: Ajax vs. Tottenham 2.5+ @1.699 WIN
09 May, 21:00 CET: Chelsea vs. Frankfurt 1X @1.195 WIN
10 May, 12:30 CET: Torino vs. Sassuolo 1 @1.622 WIN
10 May, 16:00 CET: Brighton Hove vs. Man City 2 @1.187 WIN

So, the line stops at 11 or 12, as you prefer.

But… who’s counting, eh?