A month ago, rewards were hefty at Scorum, and SCR was worth nothing. Today, with the new distribution algorithm, rewards are heading towards negative values (you may have to pay for writing texts here), but the SCR… is still worth almost nothing!

You can practically kiss goodbye all those hodling plans that you will be rich one day SCR goes to the Moon. If you think that digging a hole is a good way to launch a Moon mission, Betman will have to disappoint you. It won’t happen.

Well, if you are so sure, and even if it happen, how are you going to get some SCR? The only way now is through – you wouldn’t believe – BetScorum! Here it is, today Germans are opening stadiums for the properly equipped audience, which will have the chance to watch contactless football with masked players and the referee in full protective suit! That will be more interesting than the game itself!

BTW, the long pause and the new rules will certainly cause a massive surprises in this first day, so here is your chance to take some SCR from Betman, @talesfrmthecrypt, cautious @jon.bonomo, and an anonymous soul who is giving a generous odds keeping the betting flame alive in these bizarre times. When you spend everything at their odds, you can take some of Betman’s SCR and eagerly wait for the countdown:

Look how SCR is closing again to the fantastic 0.007 cents! Like James Bond! Is there a fifth man at BetScorum? Or a woman? Or a fanatic?

Hurry up, before SCR hurries down!