You are afraid of betting evil, of course. Go ahead, and be afraid, because it really can ruin your life, especially if you can’t control yourself. You can avoid the curse by breaking all the connections with bookies, and turn to BetScorum, where you can find a cure — arbitrage bets and FREE bets!

I said BetScorum, Grandma, but you have to have some liquid SCR first. For that you have to read Betman’s tutorial How to Buy SCR with Fiat… and Earn a Commission!

Now that you have transfer your pension check to liquid SCR, you go to the @giornalista blog page named BETSCORUM free-bet 100SCR Round #2, read the instructions, leave a comment and place a bet at over 2.5 goals to the following game in the round #2, like this:

26 Jan, 20:30 CET: Milan vs. Napoli

Then wait for the outcome. If you win, you won! Congratulations!

If you lose, your 5 SCR (and no more than that) will be refunded thanks to contest sponsor @Scorum-italia witness

How about that? Are you still in?

Well, you have to be among the first 20, so be quick!