This is beginning to look completely ridiculos. In the “Betting” section, there are only @costanza and Betman… Betman and @costanza… Did I forgot to mention anyone?

BetScorum has become a Ghost Town with a few occasional odds and even without Sigourney Weaver…

No, Bill, i said WITHOUT Sigourney Weaver, and I still hope your services will not be needed. But leave your phone, who knows what else could happen in the big blockchain void. Look, nobody but Betman isn’t even interested to put odds for a few football games… also tragically devoid of Sigourney Weaver:

Yes, you can look grass grow − it is more interesting and more certain that grass will grow than SCR, but still… is that what you really dreamed of all your life? Are you keeping your SCRs in hope they will grow over a cent? Well, Betman has a pessimistic news for you… just ask yourself:

When was the last time you have heard anything from the developing team?